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    +Macros demo by FoxMasters to automate developer's work in Visual FoxPro based on FoxScript procedural macros.

    A driver for Ken Levy's GENSCRNX

    3D Effects Driver 2.0 for GENSCRNX

    Code 3-of-9 barcode. On a laser or inkjet printer they print out nicely around 24pt size. There may problems using the space character in the barcode.

    Report Viewer for FoxPro 2.x DOS by George Allen. ACDISP will display any text file and can be used anywhere you normally use the command "MODIFY FILE <file name> NOEDIT"

    AEDIT by Stephane Desnault is a function to edit arrays of any size with full mouse support, scrolling, and additional niceties such as elevators (when needed). This version of the AEDIT window is purely modal.

    ATTR.PLB is a C routine which allows a FoxPro program to set and read a file's attribute byte.

    Barcode 3-of9 font overcomes the space identified for above, but the '*' character is missing.

    Barrett Error Trapping and diagnostics application

    by Jonathan Cohen is a set of conversion functions for: dec to hex, hex to dec, dec to bin, and bin to dec

    by Walter Nicholls contains instructions and tools for using Borland C++ to create libraries (FLLs) for FoxPro for Windows 2.5 and 2.6.

    Barcode Decoder - Code 3-of-9 and Interleaved 2-of-5 decoder software Version 0.09

    Break Procedure v2.0 breaks a procedure file into several files - one for each procedure/function.

    Browse X by Lee Rodgers provides incremental search browse capability.

    Browser by Ira D. Wald is an ncremental browsing solution for FoxPro.

    Bullets Only by Greg Salter is a bullets only true-type font.

    Multi-line message, multi-button Button/Message Window for FoxPro by Lee Rodgers

    CAL.FXP popup calendar for FoxPro 2.5/DOS with demo by Matt Gordon.

    Calendar screen (spr, scx, sct)

    Ultimate(?) Calendar by Lee Rodgers a.k.a. Leebert (source code is available for $15)

    Library files for C like case and switch constructs for FoxPro. Both .plb and .fll files are included

    by Jason Landry and used in the build process to automatically create the syspack pack/reindex program. Code generator for packing and reindexing tables

    Library function with C source code to check drive availability on floppy drive, hard drive, and netword dtives. Both .plb and .fll files are available

    .plb library to check printer status

    CIPHER30.FLL by Roy L. Gerber was prepared from the original CIPHER.C from from Rettig/Kennamer

    CIPHER library for FoxPro 2.0 API - encryption and decryption routines written by Tom Rettig and Leonard Zerman, modified for the FoxPro 2.0 API by Walt Kennamer.
    Simple routine to get the user name and connection number for a Novell workstation (.plb)

    Table containing various color combinations

    Foxpro Command Window Emulator by Phillip.G Harding

    Copy files using low level I/O with progress thermometer. This program uses Progress Thermometer by by Cory A. Jaeger

    Cryptor by Xitech, Inc. is an API Library, written in assembler, that provides seamless, integrated data encryption for FoxPro DOS and Windows for FoxPro 2.0, 2.5 & 2.6. this version is a demonstration version and is a fully functional copy with no restrictions except for a copyright window that will appear every 90 seconds.

    CURSOR.FLL by Ken Tittle is a library file to allow FoxPro to change the shape of your cursor using Bitmap files.

    base-10 to Base-x converter by Lee Rogers

    A Windows .dbf browser by Dirk Schesmer which does not require FoxPro (shareware $30)

    This .prg uses low level calls to check the dbf header and make corrections if errors exist (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK). There is MUCH similarity to the code from

    Low-level routines (Windows .fxp) to copy multiple files across disks

    by Frank Punzo. This program accepts the deletion criteria as a parameter (accepts wildcards)

    DeSnipIt Version 1.0 by Greg Dunn is an application to move all code out of screen snippets into an external .prg

    by Bruce K. Taub returns a code based upon the FoxPRO DBF/IDX File Lock Status

    COMET-MP: the Background Communications Library by CompuSolve. This is a DEMO of the multi-port xBase communciations library and is limited to 2k file transfers

    Drawline by Gregory L. Reichert enables the developer to draw non-linear lines on the screen in selected color

    Drawmap by Simon Collingridge assists with database documentation by drawing a map of the current table relationships

    DragDrop Driver 2.0 for GENSCRNX This also requires the 3D.PRG driver 2.0 or later to automatically create 3D effects for the drag and drop objects.

    DRIVE.PLB written by Peter Colclough is a Foxpro Library which returns the number of available drives and their identifying letters

    by Jeff Neeley implements a "dual" picklist with ADD, REMOVE, ADD ALL, REMOVE ALL

    by Pat Y. Boens Copyright (c) 1995 by FoxPro Xbase Focus - FoxPro User Group of Belgium. This error handler uses Focus .fll/.dll

    This is a demo (shareware) by Christophe Biehlmann that intercepts events for up to 100 different windows and uses a .fll

    Simple password routine by Kenneth C. Denson that returns "*" for keystrokes (not secure)

    TrueType font that only prints "*" characters

    F_CTime by Tim Nagle convert the number of seconds since midnight to a time string

    FoxFire point and shoot report generator and manager version 2.5 demo

    This is a single server Novell network compatible utility which shows you all the users who have a file locked. In addition, it can send a broadcast message to all users who have a file locked.

    by Ken Harrison is a .prg that attempts to fix tables that FoxPro says are Not A Database File. There is MUCH similarity to the code from

    is a utility to edit/fix damaged headers of dBase, FoxBASE+ and FoxPro (shareware)

    FixFoxPO by P.L. Olympia attempts to fix tables that FoxPro says are Not A Database File. This program will not attempt to fix the damaged records only the header.

    F_NTime by Tim Nagel returns a numeric value representing the number of seconds past midnight from a time string.

    Calendar for FoxPro for Windows by David P. Miller

    FNKSHN (pronounced function) foxpro library version by Perry Fect is a set of freely distributable functions and utilities for FoxPro 2.6

    FOXBAR by David Myer and Rob Hewitt is a C/C++ based Windows tool bar for FoxPro

    Bitwise operator functions for FoxPro written by Ted Means (asm source is included)

    Demo of a modem dialer for Foxpro

    by Tom Snell is a program to track e-mail

    by Master Creative Software, Inc. includes a library (.plb) to view .pcx images (shareware)

    by Master Creative Software, Inc. includes a libraries (.plb/.fll) to add compression and archiving to Foxpro applications (shareware)

    Boolean by Colin R. Keeler provides some Boolean algebra functions for FoxPro

    by Bill "Hank" Castello attempts to repair FPT files which contain memos to their associated dbf files

    FPWERROR-FoxPro Windows Error Handler by Pat Adams (very nice) Look at fpwerror.prg for use and some instructions

    Generates a PRG from an FRX, thus avoiding the overhead associated with calling REPORT FORM.

    Several examples for using foxtools.fll

    by Christopher L. Newland adds 3D styling to screen objects in FoxPro for DOS and Windows

    GENMENUX 3.0 - A Menu Processor in the flavour of GENSCRNX by Andrew Ross MacNeill extends the the developer's control over FoxPro's menu builder

    Generic genpd replacement genpd for DOS like output while in FoxPro for Windows

    enRepoX - Report Extender by Markus Egger - Powertool-Extender for reports (the GenRepoX-syntax is very similar to the GenScrnX- and GenMenux-syntax.

    GENSCRNX 2.0 - Extended control over FoxPro's Screen Builder without changing GENSCRN.

    by R.L. Coppedge lets you select a date from a calendar style picklist

    by Rick Strahl is a front end for GenGraph that allows you to create graphs without accessing the Graph Wizard by simply calling the GGRAPH function with a couple of simple parameters that specify graph type, titles and the display mode

    by Wyne Ince is a utility to perform multiple search and replace operations on multiple files.and includes a FoxPro menu bar option

    gMatrix for FoxPro by Lee Rodgers generates binary matrix table for to be used in a SQL statement that involves percent, ratio & longitud. difference calculations and other hairy problems that might ordinarily require sequential processing or multiple SQLs or subselects

    GPLIB by George Sexton is a NetWare API Library for FoxPro 2.X. Using this library you can gain access to NetWare's advanced printing, security and other features

    GPLIB includes libraries for FoxPro 2.X for DOS, FoxPro for Windows, through Visual FoxPro. The libraries (.plb/.fll) have a large number of functions - the selection is quite impressive.

    runs excel and builds the graph of the data which is loaded into a cursor TEMP that contains the final form of the data to be graphed.

    GENXHLP - On-Line DOS Help System for Systems (.dbf help format) compiled by Frank "dFox" Picchione for the GenScrnX/GenMenuX systems by Ken R. Levy, Bill Anderson, and Andy MacNeill

    Sample Code for GenScrnX

    GETDTTM.PLB by Frank DiGiandomenico is a C routine which allows a FoxPro program to get a file's date and time stamps

    Windows Help files (.hlp) for GenScrnX and GenMenuX

    by Stephen Rea finds the descriptions of all of the index tags currently active for all open databases (including cursors), and fills the aindexes array or cursor with this information

    by Mark Bonafe creates a message box using the FOXTOOLS.FLL library and returns a character expression based upon the user's response

    GetIni() and SetIni() are functions written in FoxPro 2.6 by Felix H. Gonzalez that allow a programmer to create and manage .ini files. These functions may be used by both the DOS and Windows versions of FoxPro

    by Harold Chattaway integrates the browse and read functions. This requires GenScrnX which is included in the ZIP file.

    InWin.plb - Library function to detect multi-tasking environments (C source is included)

    A binary (.bin) function to to check if a disk is in a disk drive (asm source is included)

    Library (.plb) to check printer status (two .plb versions and C source files are available)

    A very nice set of libraries (.plb/.fll) to allow incremental searches within a browse (C source is available)

    Keypad by Mr.M.K.Loyalka Displays a keyboard and accepts user input by mouse click.(compressed .prg)

    Kill It For DOS by John P. Repko forces users to exit a networked FoxPro application (.plb and C source are available)

    Kill It For Windows by John P. Repko forces users to exit a networked FoxPro application (.fll and C source are available)

    KeyMask Library by R. Scott Mackay traps masks keystrokes by replacing the keystrokes with "*"s while storing the original keystroke values to a string. This library is most commonly used for password entry. The main advantage that this library has over an INKEY() loop is that a GET field is used for input, preserving the native user interaction (including mouse navigation)

    LASSO driver by Richard D. Hodder for GenScrnX provides access to the comment snippet for a group of objects

    Patch modifies your API_ML.LIB so that it no longer saves and restores the interrupt vectors 35h through 3Fh on every callback to Foxpro 2.5ff. This helps to improve speed of PLB functions compiled with MS-C or VC++

    by Jose Dubois is a recursive function for adding or removing library modules from memory. This one uses a recursive call only to save a few lines of code, and it is really more interesting academically to show beginners how and why use recursivity than to demonstrate a complicated problem solved with recursivity.

    +Macros demo by FoxMasters to automate developer's work in Visual FoxPro based on FoxScript procedural macros.

    MATXTAB by Valdis Matison is a cross tab generator for FoxPro that replaces Genxtab. It produces cross tab reports extremely quickly and has many different input options.

    MIDAPP Multiple Document Interface template application

    Migration Kit supports migration of dBASE IV (version 2.0 and earlier) and Clipper Summer '87 applications

    MAKEHELP by James P. Fisher Jr. generates FoxPro context sensitive help from code comments

    Binary file (.bin) to position the mouse cursor at a given set of co-ordinates

    When-based validation which permits vast flexibility in screen ergonomics (e.g. allowing pressing of an button, bypassing VALID routines).

    by Steven E. Neiner functions to convert a number to word string

    by James Booth Simulates ON KEY LABEL command with the use of a POPUP menu where the SHORT CUT keys are the OKL keys.

    Password routine displays "*" with keystrokes

    by Paul Lee displays a percentage progress bar window while a task is working

    Power Page by Ron Tanner is a Windows DLL that allows you to send alpha-numeric (full text) messages to pagers

    Print Configuration utility library (.fll) with C source code

    Progress Thermometer by Cory A. Jaeger displays a progress thermometer and percent complete

    Push/Pop various aspects of the FoxPro environment including Push_Sel/Pop_Sel, Push_Ord/Pop_Ord, Push_Rec/Pop_Rec, and PUSH_DBF/POP_DBF

    Application (.app) for Windows to repair DBF's with a hex editor

    ReSnip by Edward Leafe is used to add and remove code from screen snippets

    RunDOS by Steven R. Gould provides a means of calling a DOS program from FoxPro for Windows which waits for the DOS program to terminate. Although this is trivial in Windows (just use the RUN command without the /N option), the same method doesn't appear to work in a true multitasking environment such as Windows NT or OS/2. The problem is described in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article (Document Number Q103032)

    RunFox by Edward Leafe is a simulated Command window utility that allows the use of most of the functionality of the native FoxPro Command Window without the full FoxPro program being resident on the system.

    Read/Write 2 ini by Dave Rooney is a program to read from and write to .ini files

    SafePack offers an alternative to pack and reindex commands that are designed to allow you to add table files, make changes to .CDX file structures, index tag expressions, etc.

    salvages records from files returning NOT A DATABASE FILE error.

    by Mike Lascuola restores the DEBUG window values saved in the database SAVEDBG.DBF

    SaveEnv and RestEnv by Eugene Mondrus save and restore the enviroment of Foxpro 2.5 for DOS and Windows

    SAYDIS by Jason M. Landry Automatically 'grays out' text to the left of a text field when that get field is disabled. This uses GenScrnX

    SBLANKV.PLB by Justin Nye is a FoxPro screen blanking utility library (.plb)

    by Lee Rodgers performs in-place conversion of an SDF fixed-length ascii file to .DBF format. All you need is a .DBF file with zero records as the header template file, and the SDF file to be converted in-place. (THIS VERSION IS ONLY FOR FIXED LENGTH FILES)

    by Joe Gotthelf creates and controls semaphores

    SETTIME is a library (.plb) by Mark Creamer used to set DOS and BIOS clock and calendar

    by Brian Jepson is a little program that creates a slider control that can be manipulated with the mouse

    by Lee Rogers paints spirals on the screen

  132. sscmd5.exe
    SSCommand by Matt Weinbender is a nice, handy utility to help in situations where you have a compiled VFP application running at a client site, and the client does not own Visual FoxPro. It emulates the VFP Command Window, allowing you to perform virtually any FoxPro command and frees you as a developer from having to tote you notebook computer with you when you've got data maintenance or report modifications to make on site.
    Like the command window, it maintains a list of your previous commands. It also allows for multi-line commands using the semicolon for line continuance. You can browse a table, modify a table's structure, modify a report, run a report, etc. The only thing you can't do is compile source code.

    by Craig Berntson is used to find/run newest version of application based on date and time

    SETDTTM.PLB by Frank DiGiandomenico is a library routine which allows a FoxPro program to set a file's date and time stamps (C source is included)

    by Rick Shaddock is a string-to-date function

    SuperSeek by Wayne A. Willingham is an incremental search routine that uses the sys(14) and sys(21) functions

    SYS_DOT by Paul Russell is a step back in time to the old dBase programming days. This program clears the screen and displays a standard dot prompt.As commands are entered, they are interpreted and executed. Prior commands are scrolled on the screen in an attempt to display a command history

    SYS_NW.PLB is a library containing two functions to determine Netware connection number and user ID

    Tabs driver for GENSCRNX by Steven Black takes a screen set and creates a self-contained tab-driven screen (Requires GenScrnX and YOU MUST HAVE 3D.PRG and 3DBOX.PRG IN YOUR FOXPRO PATH)

    TagManagement by Mike Meer reindexes database files using the preferred method of removing the tags and then recreating them

    Table Compare by Whil Hentzen determines the differences in table structures and structural index tags for two files or for all the files of a particular type in two directories

    Timers is a library (.fll) of ten functions by Jan C. Zawadzki designed to give Foxpro the ability to time execution of statements (scheduling of execution)

    by Steve Stamm is a binary (.bin) utility that turns the keyboard off and on (shareware $25)

    Time Tracker Plus by West Wind Technologies is an upgrade to Time Tracker by Rick Strahl and contains a series of programs to aid in keeping track of time spent on projects and clients and providing detailed information based on the time and expenses logged in the process as well as providing and printing the billing information you need to invoice your clients (shareware)

    Time Tracker by Rick Strahl allows you to keep track of the amount of time spent on a particular job or client

    Unique ID / Filename generator by Cory A. Jaeger returns a unique 8 character ID string, which can be used as an ID code, or as a filename. The code that is returned is guaranteed to be a valid DOS filename

    by Kenneth C. Denson allows modification to the existing Config.Fp file from within programs and applications

    UPD for Windows is an application of independent programs that provide the capabilities to update system files from within Windows programs/applications

    USPS Mail Codes - This code is used in the United States Postal Service to automate the sorting of mail.

    ValidFName by Michael P. Lascuola is used to validate a filename, and return an error message, if necessary

    WAITDO was written as an alternative to the standard FoxPro wait window

    WorkGroup Extensions for Microsoft FoxPro Information - samples for using the FOXMAPI.FLL routines to integrate Microsoft FoxPro for Windows with Microsoft Mail and Microsoft Schedule+ (contains 84 files and is over 1MB uncompressed. The compressed file is 511KB)

    Whoami for FoxPro by Brian Jepson prints out your user name on a Novell network

    WinCascade by Dennis Derringer cascades non-minimized, visible windows

    Wrties out the date in French or English

    West Wind E-Mail by Rick Strahl is a small E-Mail addon that allows you to integrate an E-Mail system into your FoxPro applications or use it as a standalone E-Mail system (e-mail is used loosly)

    Xcatalog by Tom Rettig is a public domain system catalog or data dictionary oriented around the Xbase programming language

    XXBROWSE.prg by Gordon Angus is a 3D FPW2.5/6 composite browse and data/control window inside a 3D container window.

    ZDRVSTAT by Jigsoft Corporation is a library (.plb) that prvides functions to check drive availability and read only/write status

    Zebra Toolkit for FoxPro by Escalation Software provides extensions to the developer environment through editor extensions, disk usage, filer functions, tetris, etc. (shareware)

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